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    Brake pressure switch wiring?

    I have only one wire in the Painless wiring harness for the brake pressure switch, but the connection has two wires. How do I connect these? Can I connect the one harness wire to both wires from the proportioning valve?

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    What year and model jeep?
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    Re: Brake pressure switch wiring?

    Quote Originally Posted by SteelHeadz View Post
    What year and model jeep?

    79 CJ-7. When searching online I found a thread where the two wires from the firewall were spliced together to connect to the one wire P-valve. I have the opposite situation; one wire from the Painless wiring harness and two wires from the P-valve. What do I connect to the other wire from the P-valve? On another issue, what would keep my back-up lights from coming on? All other lights in brake lights work correctly. The back-up wires from the fuse panel are not getting power. How would I fix this problem? Wiring makes me pull my hair out!!

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    I have the same configuration on my 81CJ7. 2 black wires from the proportioning valve to the firewall junction block. If I'm not mistaken, this is looped over with the red brake lamp along with the e-brake switch. I would try to go to the Painless wiring site and look for similar issues. I would look in the support section. If you don't find the answer there , e-mail their support tech. I would hate to lead you to the wrong direction by the original wiring diagram since I've had several experiences with their wiring kits that required a different wiring installation. As for the reverse lamps, the 2 wires that goes to the reverse switch is a supply and ground. Make sure there's a 12v or battery voltage coming from the supply circuit and a good ground on the other lead.
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