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    Removing clear coat from wheels?

    I've got a set of chrome CJ Laredo wheels that were cleared from the factory and it's all cracked, turned white and flaking off. I took some thinner to a spot or two and under the clear the chrome looks new. It takes some rubbing and soaking with the thinner but it works. If anyone has done this and has a better idea I'm all ears. The main thing is I don't want to hurt the chrome. I have never liked clear coated wheels but I am thankful they have been preserved.

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    Re: Removing clear coat from wheels?

    My brother paints cars for a living, I will ask him how to get the clear off. I wont be able to repost until this evening sometime, so hopefully someone else will be able to help you before then.

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    Re: Removing clear coat from wheels?

    Bio-degradable paint stripper works for taking clear coat off.

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    Here are before & after pics of my wheels. I used spray on "Stripper" manufactured by Klean Strip and purchased at Home Depot for approx. $7/can. Had tried "Aircraft Stripper" and it took 2.5 hours to do one side of one wheel. I did all 4 other wheels plus the back side of the first wheel in hours total using the aerosol Stripper. Sprayed it on, waited about 10 minutes and the lacquer was almost falling off the wheel. Very little elbow grease required!
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  5. Need to neutralize the stripper with water

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