Got major leaking on my dana 300 transfer case only at the intermediate shaft (rear). Never completely gutted one of these out but tore it down, followed manual, and think now the intermediate shaft can be driven out with a drift. Manual says to drive it out after basically everything else is out but couldn't it be done only removing the large bottom cover to visually see it's going fine? Anyway, it's not moving and I don't want to go nuts on it. Does it have a shoulder and only come out one end (front or rear)? Is this the best way to do it out leaving the gear assembly in and reinsert it with new o-ring?

Also, any tips on eliminating as much leaking as possible other than to silly-cone the crap out of it? Put all new seals in.

Also, does anybody know how the rear output shaft comes out thru the front input shaft opening after both covers are removed? Looks like should slip right out the front after the fork is removed but not sure.

Thanks. [addsig]