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    wont pass Marta exstreemly high HC. question is will my 88 wrangler be able to pass marts with ought the purge canister ?

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    Explain more. What is Marta and high HC. Are you talking about the canister with the vacuum and gas tank vent hoses.

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    emission testing in tn. yes the evap canister that stores hydro carbons and meters them back into the carb !

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    If its in good running condition it just might. I know that things differ from state to state. Sometimes it depends on who is doing the inspection. Ask a mechanic you can trust and see what he says. Good luck with it.

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    think i found my problem .. wont know for sure till Monday!

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    Without the evap canister, I passed Ohio emissions tests quite a few years in a row. Had to do some tuning to pass one of those years though, other than that I didn't have any problems. That was on a 79 cj7, 304 and quite some years ago.

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    Roger what have you found out about the evap and your emissions test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Carpenter View Post
    think i found my problem .. wont know for sure till Monday!
    my problem was an unported vacuum line was tee'd into a ported line .. that also runs my vac advance .. capped that port and it passed emissions just fine .

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    Thank you for the response its good to learn the solutions to these difficult problems. I think this should help others out with similar problems. I know that I learn from it. Thanks again.

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