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    team rush

    Does any know if the team rush ( hope I got the name right ) would work on a 94 4 cyl yj.
    Using a Ford dist. cap.
    Thanks Stan

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    Re: team rush

    If in wrong section please move.

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    Re: team rush

    Not sure what you're talking about, and if you got the name wrong we might never know what you mean. Can you describe what you're talking about?

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    Re: team rush

    Looked it up. It is the TFI upgrade, bolt on dist cap adapter, upgraded cap & rotor,upgraded plug wires & updated coil. By TeamRush
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    Read #3 & # 12 (for pictures)
    Would this work on a four banger 94 yj?

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    Re: team rush

    He's talking about the TFI ignition upgrade. I did a full writeup here: (TFI ignition upgrade)

    The TFI ignition upgrade replaces the small distributor cap and coil with an improved distributor cap, better wires, and a better coil. It made a huge different in my old 4.2 CJ7 - a very good upgrade.

    The pictures you linked to are not a TFI upgrade (that teamrush pioneered), but are instead a GM HEI setup. That is said to provide at least as much improvement.

    All this said, the part number aren't going to work for your 4 cylinder YJ. Everything researched for the TFI upgrade is for a 6.
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    Re: team rush

    Is there that would work on a 4 banger ?

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