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    Brake adjustment

    I have a 1968 cj5 with 4 wheel drum brakes, I have adjusted them up till the brake shoes just scrape the drums. However the pedal doesn't have much if any free travel. Is this the correct way or is the pedal supposed to have some freeplay. Any help would be great.

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    Hey Bro, Welcome to the site, I can't help ya but a 68 cj5, cool. Someone here well connect.
    Needs to go yonder.

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    Re: Brake adjustment

    I'd adjust the shoes so they were just shy of scraping the drum ..... although if you leave them as is the shoes will wear down to get the clearance. The tighter the adjustment the less play there is apt to be in the pedal.

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    Re: Brake adjustment

    You have adjusted them correctly. Your pedals pivot off of the frame where your brake master is located. It sounds like you don't have a return spring on the pedal arm. There isn't much free play if any on these older jeeps, but the spring should add some as it will pull the pedal all the way up. A popular upgrade is to switch to hanging pedals from a later jeep. Best fit is 72-75 pedals, 76-86 cj and later wrangler pedals need cut and shortened due to differences in the floor board bends. use your current brake master and mount it to the firewall.

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