1. 97 wrangler fuel pump relay no power

    I have a 97 wrangler 6 cylinder. Parked it one day and came out the next and it won't start. It has a full tank of fuel but the fuel gage reads empty (Its always worked. Ive checked fuel pump, relays, fuses. Im stumped. It cranks easily. The fuel pump relay does not engage when the ignition is on. Ive verified its a good relay. Im thinking its either the ignition switch itself or the darn computer. Anyone have any insight ?

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    Start with checking fuses, wires and voltages. Start at the ign and fuel pump.
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    Re: 97 wrangler fuel pump relay no power

    Check the fuse for the ASD circuit under the hood in the PDC. Also swap out the ASD relay for another relay and see if that helps.

  4. That happened to my 2002 TJ. Had a broken wire somewhere in the harness so I just tapped into the Relay in fuse panel and ran a new wire alongside the harness.

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