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    Steering wheel issue

    When I first got my CJ I was told of the infamous Steering wheel issue if the wheel is used to get in and out the torx head bolts down in the steering column get loose. About a year ago I tore it apart and put lock tight on each bolt and called it good, just last week it started to go loose again. I tore back into it and re-tightened the bolts and put more lock tight. Right when i started to put everything back together i knew something felt off. It had the most slack it ever had. The bolts are completely tight and everything seems in order, I believe my problem is the plate the bolts thread into isnt sitting right and slipping out and creating a massive amount of slack. Any Ideas to get that plate to stay? I have checked over my steering shaft and it all looks good, the only problem i have is with that plate.

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    Re: Steering wheel issue

    you are probably going to have to come up with a repair on your own. I cannot help, that's for sure.
    03 rhd tj

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