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    Ya I have a Jeep '67 CJ5A Tuxedo Park Mark IV mostly original. Original engine with 61 thousand miles. Saw a site that said there were only 89 cj5a models built in 67....how much do you think it's worth?

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    All depends on the condition it's in.

    Looking on ebay, you can buy a bunch of CJ5s for around $5000. Just keep your eyes open for one similar to yours

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    But I was figuring that a cj5a would be worth alot more especially mine because in 1967 they only made 89 total...so it's a rare model/year....and it's in great condition....run of the mill cj5 might be worth 5,000 but I'm thinking/hoping mine will be worth alot more.

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    Well you're right that a Tuxedo Park is a rarer model than a normal CJ-5, and it should fetch a higher price... but how much higher is hard to say. More than a CJ-2 or 3 in comparable condition? Probably not (though I could be wrong). I was able to find one tuxedo park on collectorcartraderonline. Here's the link so that you can compare...

    Tuxedo Park

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