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    i recently got stuck and kept the engine runing for over 5 hrs in muddy water and i'm not sure if it got in my trans. i've driven it for just over 10-15 miles or so and the shifting got harder and harder. there's no grinding, but there's a lot of resistace when i try to change gears. could it be the clutch? if there is water/mud in the trans is it destroyed by now? am i gonna wind up payin through the nose for a new trans?[addsig]

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    Change the fluid in the transmission NOW! Then drive it and see how it shifts...did I mention change it NOW? Water did my transmission in...I could have saved it had I changed the fluid. Don't wait....the longer that fluid sits in there the more damage it causes...even when not driving.[addsig]

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    i thought it was gl-5 that killed your transmission ray[addsig]
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    Do what Ray said drain it now, then give a shot of Pennziol Synromesh and see if that does not help it out, if there is a bunch of water in there drive it a while (short while) and drain it out and refill it again, That stuff will make an lod tired transmission act like a pup! tug[addsig]

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    Well I think the GL5 did it in eventually. The transmission was fine when I bought the jeep. After about a month it started to get hard to shift. Well I ignored it and then the hard shifting became grinding. Well I started checking into it and decided that the transmission was probably worn and I should change the fluid. When the fluid drained out it looked like milk (water contamination). Unforunantly I put in GL5 and things still got worse. I wish that I would have changed the fluid when I first got the jeep...I had no idea what the previous owners had done. They must have driven it through some deep water somewhere. The front diff had water in it too.[addsig]

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    is it easy to get water in the differential?? or do you think mine should be alright?[addsig]

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    Change the diff fluid anyway. Its a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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