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    95 Wrangler Back to life!

    Whats up guys! Been searching through the forums for years and finally decided to make an account lol

    Anyways heres my project as of late:

    95 yj 315k miles 4.0/5speed
    I drove it daily back in highschool and then bought a 92 300zx and when the head gasket went in the jeep it ended up sitting for 3 years. Last week I decided to revive it so heres it is

    Syncros are gone in transmission
    Head gasket needs replaced
    Frame patch will need to be welded in on the rear leaf spring mounts
    Currently have no brakes (thinking master cylinder)

    Transmission and tcase are at the shop now getting rebuilt, doing the headgasket tonight, along with a few little things and brakes, new clutch and a good wash will be this weekend.

    Will post pictures tonight of it

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    95 Wrangler Back to life!

    Welcome to the forum!
    Sounds like a great project.

    There are frame sections you could buy and weld in.
    Like this and there are others: https://www.quadratec.com/categories...s/frame-repair


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    Re: 95 Wrangler Back to life!

    Thats what iv been looking at. Tempted to get with my buddy whos a much better welder than me and make our own but a pre-built section would be much easier.
    Anyone have any recommendations for brands?

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