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    Cj7 quadratrac refresh

    The old seals were starting to seep so it was time for new seals. The last time I had it out was back in 92 that is when it was converted to part time with the mile-marker kit. The chain was still in spec so I went back with it.

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    Re: Cj7 quadratrac refresh

    Welcome to Jeepz.com Oldeagle. I'm not familiar with the seals you're talking about. What are you referring to?
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    Re: Cj7 quadratrac refresh

    There are four seals the front and rear pinion then the two that are back to back on the input shaft. I just now got the darn thing back in, I will finish it tomorrow. Now for a cold beer on the front porch!

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    Re: Cj7 quadratrac refresh

    Back on the road! Took it out for a shake, tranny and qtrac did well 18 miles, no signs of leaking.

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