1. YJ underdash harness help

    Hello everyone, Iím hoping I can find some help on here from people that have a little more experience than I do.
    I recently picked up a 92 YJ. The interior harness was a splicetastic butchered mess of wires and connectors. Part of the fuse block was melted and wires going straight in to it. It did run and drive just fine as is, but I canít not fix it.
    I picked up another harness from a local guy that builds and parts out YJís. I took everything apart and went through the new harness to make sure all the wires and pins were good and cleaned all connections. Plugged everything in and the fun began. Turn the key on and nothing. Went through and started troubleshooting. The starter wasnít getting anything from the ignition. Checked the connections multiple times on the ignition. I was going over everything, looking at all connections and any possibilities. I tried to start it again, this time putting in the brake. The key was in the run position, I pushed the brake and it turned over. I started laughing, thinking it was so simple. I turned the ignition off and pressed the brake again to try it. It started (with the ignition off ), took the key out and same thing. So, now my brake light switch has become my ignition...Ö
    The harness I picked up has a lot more plugs on it than my original, i.e hardtop, sound bar, ac etc....which shouldn't make a difference, right? The guy I bought it from told me there is only one harness for that year. Now, I know there are different configurations for different model/accessories, but are there actually different harnesses as well? It seems pretty obvious to me (no expert ) that the pins where the two harnesses connect on the firewall are different than my original, otherwise how does my brake switch become the ignition? Seems like I need to try a different harness. Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    Re: YJ underdash harness help

    Any chance you got the wrong year harness?
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