1. No power to fuel pump

    04 wrangler. Died at a stop sign and would not start again. Engine cranks. Changed fuel pump. Checked all fuses. Changed the crank sensor. The pump makes no noise. The only thing that seems different is that when I put the key in to start it, there is a dash light with a key and a bat through it that comes on on the dash leading me to believe something has gone wrong with the security feature in the ignition. Any chance this is an easy fix?? Anyone have this problem before?

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    just a shot in the dark , disconnect your battery for at least half an hour . then try to start it.
    Needs to go yonder.

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    Re: No power to fuel pump

    The pump makes no noise
    Discounting the growl a failing pump makes do you hear a few seconds of hum when you first turn the key? If not, have you verified power at the pump?

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    Re: No power to fuel pump

    Try a different key. It sounds like security has disabled the fuel pump. It could be the key and not the vehicle.

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    Oh god ,not the key . But very possible these days.
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    No power to fuel pump

    Check your battery (load test) Then check and clean all battery connections.
    Check all fuses and fuel pump relay

    If you changed the CKP crank sensor, did you use OEM?
    Was there a paper gasket on the end that went into the bell Housing?
    Non OEM are bad out of the box at times and if there was no gasket the flywheel breaks the new one on the first crank.

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