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    YJ help

    Thanks for having a great forum! I have a 94 YJ. I just got it as a project. It's got a lot of good stuff done to it such as: LT-1 350, Turbo 350, 208 trans case, Adams driveshafts, steering box re enforcement, 4" Rancho lift kit, 33" tires. That being said, I have to pull the engine (cracked block), the front axle has a manual (cable operated) engagement that i have to figure out where to locate the cable, the trans shifter cable has melted, have to put a thermostat in the electric cooling fan, and put a new windshield in, just for starters. I'm sure there is more that I haven't discovered yet.

    Any help or advice is welcomed!

    Thanks, Cam

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    Re: YJ help

    Think Turbogus had a nice write up on a relay and Thermo for electric fan.
    Contour fan upgrade need a step by step please


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