1. Unhappy TJ Tail light issues

    Swapped the led taillights the PO has installed with oem taillights and led fixtures because the lights that were previously on the Jeep had dead leds and were starting to go one by one. So after my install I tested to see if all the functions work and they all work except for my left turn signal. Every time I put my left indicator on the relay Bugs out and clicks many times but the turn signal does not flash.
    Headlights on.. rear brake lights turn on and do not turn off and I have no turn signals in the rear
    Headlights off.. Brake lights work when brakes are applied but when turn signals are on the hazzards blink in the rear
    I cleaned my grounds and I checked my fuses



    97 TJ 4.0L

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    Re: TJ Tail light issues

    To run LED signals on OEM the relay needs to be changed. Not sure if the PO had LED tail fixtures with the correct resistance to keep the stock relay. Other than this I would check the connections. Sounds like a power and ground are mixed at some point.

    You checked and cleaned the grounds. That is what I usually suggest first.


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