1. CJ with loose steering

    I must compliment your most imformitive article.
    I need some help I just purchased a 1978 cj7 golden eagle with only 24000 mile . I have replaced the spring with oem new tie rod new kyb gas shocks and new street tires. The cj is not lifted.
    My problem , steering wander. Everything is tight not worn . I have been told to use reverse shackels or trac rod. Please help



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    Re: CJ with loose steering

    I've moved your post to it's own thread.
    As to your question, I had thought that a trackbar was pretty much optional on a CJ. You could have a bad steering box, slop in the linkage, bad ball joints, or some other stuff. Essentially something is worj out.

    I'd start with cheap stuff, and have someone rock the steering wheel back and forth while you carefully inspect. Jack up the front of the Jeep, and grab / shake each wheel. If you're trying to do this alone, I usually setup a camera on a tripod and record as I cycle the steering back and forth.
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    CJ with loose steering

    ^^Agree totally^^
    Tires on the ground for the dry steer test. Wheels up for the shake test. Be sure to check steering shaft for play.

    Beyond that check toe and caster angle. It should be 5-8* pos caster.

    Also watch for the frame to move instead of the tires.
    From what I hear you can’t go wrong bracing the steering box.

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