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    I am in the end stages of doing a frame off restoration of my 1979 CJ5 with a 304. The vacuum lines are killing me. When I got the jeep 14 months ago, most vacuum lines were either cut or capped or hooked up haphazardly. There is an aftermarket air filter unit (edelbrock), and no air pump, such as all the diagrams in the service manuals show. So, rerouting some is a must, but to what I have no idea. Any help would be much appreciated. I would like to see some pictures of 304's that are running great and are similar to mine. Or if anyone has the 304 and lives in the Lawton area, let's meet and i cab see jokes yours is set up. I have a timing issue also but that can be a different discussion after I know my vacuum lines are in good order. Thanks bunches!

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