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    I put new spark plugs in my Jeep cranks but doesnít start Iím not sure what it is Iím 18 and just started trying to work on Jeeps and my Jeep is 1995 Jeep Wrangler grande rio please help me

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    Re: Please help me

    Welcome to Did the Jeep run OK before the plug were replaced? What size engine does your Jeep have?

    I'd start by checking the plug wires. Did you put the wrong wire on the wrong plug?
    Check your wires to make sure they are all plugged in all the way - especially the one on your ignition coil.
    Next, I'd check the gap on the plugs - if the gap is off it could cause problems.
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    Re: Please help me

    Agree with the suggestions from TerryMason. If all you did was replace spark plugs then confirm all the wires are in the correct order. Best to have been done one-at-a-time. If the wires are old the wire or connector may have broken upon removal. There should be a distinctive click when fully inserted into the spark plug. Sometimes the wires have a guide loom to keep wires organized and separate to prevent arcing. Finally as mentioned make sure to gap the spark plugs to spec.

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    Please help me


    List year model and engine....
    Did it run prior and what else was done?


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