1. What to look for when buying a used wrangler

    Hi lovely jeepz forum! We recently added our third current jeep and our fourth total wrangler to our stable! We made a video showing the specific aspects of the inspection to ensure you don't get a dud after driving home. We also made a pdf document with a full checklist of items to look for, found in the video description. I hope this video is helpful and more importantly, hope it saves some folks some time and trouble. Thank you so much!

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    What to look for when buying a used wrangler

    Not bad. That is a light once over. You started demonstrating then stopped. I get it, it rained.

    Consider adding to check:
    VIN that it wasnít removed and against build info, esp if it states its a rubicon.
    CARFAX reports for accident or flood. Though if it was off road it may have had damage.

    If you cant or donít know how take the vehicle to a mechanic for an inspection.
    Ask the owner what issues there are? Did you wheel it? What mods did you do to it? Is it an Ďas isí sale or warrantied or guaranteed? What is covered and how long? Who does the repairs?

    Inspect frame with large screwdriver.
    Soft spots will give. Also, look for welds or newer painted welded areas.

    BRAKES not just fluid but how much pad is left. Does it pull when driving. Any shuttering/ pulsing the steering wheel when lightly stepping on the brake. Does it dip forward really bad or pull when stopping.

    Do a dry steer test to identify failed steering components.
    Check joints, ball joints and wheel bearings.
    Any Codes?
    Under the 710 fill cap for milkshake.
    Any OIL in the coolant.
    Blue or white smoke coming out of the exhaust.
    Does it start first try?
    Any starting issues stumbling stalling or misfiring.
    What rpm does it idle at
    What temp does it reach. Does it overheat at highway speeds or going slow?
    HVAC - does it work on all fan speeds and out every vent? Does it get hot? Dies if get cold?

    Big thing you did this in the rain and didnít look for leaks. What condition the soft top is in. Windshield gaskets leaking. Door seals... floor wet anywhere?

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