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    1988 Wrangler hard starting

    New member: Dave Von Heeder
    Hello everyone. I have a 1988 wrangler with a 4.2 liter inline 6 engine.
    The problem I am having is hard starting after not being ran for more than 3 days. Itís like all the fuel goes out of the float bowl Iím guessing back to the tank.

    Does anyone have anything about this? Is this a common problem?


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    1988 Wrangler hard starting

    Yes that is a common issue. To verify try this:
    1.) key in ignition and turn it to the Ďoní position without starting the engine.
    2.) wait 3-5 seconda and turn it off.
    3.) repeat step #1and #2 two to three times total
    4.) start the engine.

    If it starts right up after that prime it is the gate valve on the pump. You could run like that for a long time. Changing the valve will fix this issue.

    The valve is either on the pump or a part of the pump . Tj is definitely part of the pump.

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