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    2015 JKU Key fob won't lock/unlock doors

    So I have a weird issue. The key that has been in the ignition will not lock doors or unlock. The spare key will work fine. We changed batteries in both fobs and disconnected the battery to reset. The only other thing is it usually says that the key is in ignition even when its been removed? Just checking to see if there are any quick fixes before I bring it to the dealership....to get robbed.

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    Re: 2015 JKU Key fob won't lock/unlock doors

    So just to clarify. The key you use daily will not mechanically unlock the door or remotely will not unlock the door? And it mechanically will start the jeep when in the ignition. Or the remote start the jeep?

    The indicator that the key is in the ignition is likely the issue.

    I'll post back a security key reset you could try.


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