1. T-18 to T-19 upgrade

    My newly purchased '75 CJ5 will soon need a trasmission. I beleive it has the T-18 (original) trans installed now. I have been looking at Novak's web page and it looks like if I bought one of their rebuilds I could upgrade to a T-19.

    I spoke to them a whille back and was told I could send my unit to them to rebuild but it sounds like my trans might be one of the earlyer models that can be hard to find some parts for. I would also have to pay shipping both ways (approx $200 ea way).

    I was thinking if they rebuild my trans I know everything goes togeather with no adapting needed. That would be good considering my limited mechanical skills. But reading Novak's info it sounds like they are willing and able to work with you to make sure the trans they put together will bolt in okay. They seem to know (from info you give them) what shaft size, adapter, etc you would need.

    So does it sound like it might be worth going to the T-19??? I am hoping some of you members might have some input on this. When I spoke to Novak I did not ask about going with a T-19.

    Thanks for any input.....

  2. Re: T-18 to T-19 upgrade

    I know we want to be perfect, we want our little darlins to get up and go . But spending that money on freight, no way here.
    Needs to go yonder.

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