1. 1997 wrangler heat/AC unit

    Hi, my 1997 Wrangler I just purchased had the air comes out all vent, it cold but I want it corrected. What I found the “the Panel/Demist door actuator and defrost door actuator are tied together. It must have it reason to be tied together and if I remove I may lose my ac in the Texas in July. Ever see this being tied together or why? Thanks Tim

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    Re: 1997 wrangler heat/AC unit

    On my 2005 Wrangler, the controls that direct where the airflow goes is vacuum operated. When You get a vacuum leak somewhere, it generally causes the AC to come out only the defrost vents. Is this similar to what you are seeing?
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    1997 wrangler heat/AC unit

    Pic would be good.

    Possibly the door pin is was broken?

    Here is a write up on the actuator causing issues but a pic would give more in-site. Jeep Wusses - Quick Heater Fix - Jp Magazine

    Just for clarification. Air comes out all vents no matter what selection.

    Is the blend door and select door intact?

    Pics please

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