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    Hey folks, can anyone out there tell me approximately what it would cost to repair the u-joints on my gals 93 wrangler with/without labor? Just dropped it off at the mechanics and said the problem is drive train related and I dont want him to take me for a ride.I would attempt to fix it myself but I live in an appartment complex and dont want the office to freak out on me for doing the work in the parking lot. Thanks, Frank[addsig]

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    you can get your driveshaft out yourself in under 5 minutes.. then just carry it up and work on it at home... they are not hard at all... I would suggest using a vice, if you have an autozone nearby, they will let you use theirs... the parts are either 7.99 each or 12.99 each... the 7.99 is what i buy, because they are greasable, but only 3 month warranty.... the 12.99 are not greasable, but 1 year warranty... each is just as easy to install as the other... you'll need some pliers and a hammer, and again, a vice helps A LOT... if you go to a garage, an honest garage... labor should cost NO MORE than $30[addsig]
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    on the greeseable v non-greeseable ujoints, the non-greeseable ones are said to be a bit stronger....[addsig]
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    I use the no greeseable ones and I have the napa brand. Just installed them and had a friend at his garage do it for me cause he has a lift and I am lazy. Cost me 30.00 bucks to have him install. tug[addsig]

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    I have non-greasable spicer units that I get for $16 Plus I carry an extra set. Remember the slip yoke to shaft U- joint is smaller, I think .75" while the shaft to fixed yoke is 1.25"

    If you wanna do U-joint Harbor freight tools sells a U-joint kit the is easy to use, and can be real handy on the trail (instead of using sockets and a hammer) the part number is 38335-orxh and the link is
    Harbor freight Costs $39.99 But thats what your gonna spend in labor anyways!

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