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    So today I finially got my KC Daylighters mounted to my windshield hinges. I then spent a little time wireing them up (like two to three hours of time ) I followed the directions (pretty much) and all seemed fine and when I went to try them out.......NOTHING :-x . Darkness out of those 150 watters. I checked all my grounds and such and they seemed fine and still no light. Here is the thing that I think may be the problem. I wired the white wire, which is the line that can be connected to the high beams, low beams, or ignition to the yellow wire that runs to the battery. Is that the problem :-? Do I need to wire it to the ignition? If so how should I go about that? Just a reminder I have a 99 TJ. Thanks for any help guys :-D [addsig]
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    I would suggest running them from a switched relay powered on its own circuit[addsig]
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    I agree thats what I did and works great!!!! :-D [addsig]
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    yeah, if you keep everything seperate you don't have to worry about if the key is in or not or any of that nonsense... plus, its much less confusing.

    i'd also be skeptical about having them come on with the high-beams because most offroading lights are illegal to use on the road... cops'll pull you over if they see more than 6 lights on at a time... and i don't think your lights have the DOT certification that you'd need to have them street legal...[addsig]

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    Run a separate switch. Run the yellow wire from the battery to the switch and the white from the switch to th lights. If you keep it like it is it will probably keep blowing the fuse because it is too much to have more lights on one fuse.[addsig]

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    I think something else might be at fault. I do not have KC lights but, you said you wired the ign. wire into a constant or the switch wire into a constant??
    If it is both, those lights will be on 24-7
    if it was the ignition, the light would only come on with a switch

    Is it a 5-wire relay or 4-wire?

    Assuming it is 5-wire;
    Generally the wire that gets a inline switch wired in, goes to a beam (park, low, high)

    The other wire would generally go to a ignition source (usually under the dash)

    Also, where did you ground the light, and relay? out of curiosity?

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    There's no problem with wireing the switched power wire to the constant power wire. I've done this with my lights because I sometimes use them with the jeep shut off and the headlights shut off (you just have to remember not to leave them on). My only guess is that if you are running them through a relay you either have it wired wrong or the relay is bad.....or mabye just a blown fuse? Or mabye even burnt out bulbs. When I got KC's for my old truck, 2 of the 5 lights I bought brand new were burnt out. You could check to see if you have power to your lights with a test light.[addsig]

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    One word-- test. Start at the power end and test every connection. sounds like you just have a loose wire nut or bad crimp. [addsig]

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    I have the lights set up to a seperate switch (which I nicely drilled and set next to my steering wheel) and the swith even has a green led light when the lights are on, but of course it doesn't light up when I switch em on. It is a four-wire relay setup........but should I even use the relay :-? I could just not use the relay and wire the lights directly to the switch. Or is that a bad idea

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    Definately use the relay. There is no sense in running all that current through the dash and a switch that has a low amp rating. With a relay you can use smaller control wires and keep the high current under the hood.

    I've included a basic drawing of a 4-wire relay setup below. Note that the relay must have a FUSED and preferably a constant power source. The switch should be on a SWITCHED power source such as the ACC power from ignition. You can also hook the switch to the low beam power line, this allows you to have a delay on the fog lamps. Remember, the relay will only be on if it recieves the power "signal" from the dash switch.

    Good luck

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