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    Well,today me,my dad,my brother and my friend were headed out to go offroading.My sister calls my dad and tells him that her car is dead in the middle of hollywood on highland.My dad is ****ed,he pulls a u-turn and puts it in 2nd,and it pops out of gear,(due to the new stiff shifter boot).He pops it in 1st and droppes the cluth and it thumps,he pulls in the cluth and drops it again and boom boom.The driveshat is snapped!!! :-O I could'nt believe how weak it was.Then my dad ran a mile home and on his way stumbled upon a rattle snake.He was so overwhelmed with whats happening he just keeps running.Then he borrowed my brothers truck and we pulled the jeep home.Then we jumped in the truck and jetted off to hollywood.Bumber to bumper the whole way.Then as if it could'nt get any worse,my brothers truck overheats!!! :-O We stopped at a gas station and filled it full of water and let it cool off.Then we traded trucks with my mom and continued our drive to hollywood.It took us 3hours just to get to hollywood.Then we towwed my sisters car home.The damage on the jeep is it has a hole in the exhost,and a snapped drive shaft.Our journey started at 2:00.The good news is my dad said he would buy me a new drive shaft and U-joints :-D In the end it all worked out. :wink: Sully

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    Did ya ever get to go offroading?[addsig]

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    No,we were half way down the street when it snapped,thats a good thing.Does any one know where I could get a new drive shaft??? :wink: Sully[addsig]

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    That hurts glad to hear everything worked out in the end....... :-D [addsig]
    NEED A TRANNY FOR A 1988 YJ 4.2.....HELP

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    This is the drive shaft.If you look up to the left you can see the hole in the exhost. :wink: Sully[addsig]

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    An entire driveline worth of upgrades is on the plan
    when I eventually build my Hemi powered Jeep.

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    Did you fuss at dad and tell him he should not hot rod in other folks jeep! hehehehehe Tug[addsig]

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    that looks like it was one heck of a clutch drop... it takes a LOT of torque at a high speed to not only twist, but to shear a cylindrical object like that... that is unless it has been happening over time, and finally went[addsig]
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    Man thats crazy. Atleast the damage besides the driveshaft was minor. Hope you have her going again soon Sully cause she is one sweet ride[addsig]

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    wow sully, you guys did a good job on that shaft! wow... if i were you i'd just have pep boys or autozone hook you up with a whole new package and you and your dad can put it on together...[addsig]

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    My dad said he would pay for all the stuff that was broken.He is even gonna throw in some U-joints.And Im begging him for a solid axle shaft for the amc 20. :wink: Sully [addsig]

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    And how it bent then broke was when we spun the u-turn on a hill and over reved it and it thudded.(which is why I think I is all bent out of shape)then since the driveshaft was already damges it was no match for motor and the cement.Somthing had to give.I'll tell ya,we left huge markes on the street. :wink: Sully [addsig]

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    Dude i saw the marks you left on the road must have been a killer trip gettin it up the hill ;-) [addsig]

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