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    My jeep wrangler TJ 97 4.0 sport idles fine, some times turns off if it idles too long, while driving it might drive fine for a hour or two, then it starts to sputter, feels like the fuel pump is going off and on. I asked around for a fuel filter at all the auto parts store, seems like it jeep only, and i cant find a book on the TJ because i heard you have to drop the tank to replace it.

    But i also have an error message 14 on my jeep now, but this problem was way before the check engine light came on. I do have an exaust manifold leak that im waiting on the replacement headers for. Could that be my problem?


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    My 97' Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0 just did the same thing last night.....have you solved the problem yet?

    Please let me know what you found out.

    this morning I unplugged the neg terminal and reattached it....(the check engine is gone but I'm worried it might sputter again.


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    check your catalitic converter. hit it with your fist, if it rattles the insides have broke loose clogging up the exhause.[addsig]

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    If your Catalytic converter is coking up on such a new vehicle, (<10yrs) it is most likely due to excessive unburnt fuel in the exhaust system. The converter passes exhaust gasses through a catalyst bed converting unburnt fuel to "harmess" vapor and water. Coking of the catalyst is due to excessive unburnt fuel in the exhaust. The catalyst turnes into a solid chunk and can break loose and totally plug your exhaust. There is most likely something causing your engine to run rich and causing your converter to go bad. Don't look only at the fuel system. The problem could be in the ignition system. The voice of experiance with a 1985 Pontiac 6000 EFI. Caused me problems for months. Quite the pain in the back side as nobody could diagnose the problem with out the engine being dead! The problem ended up being a $11.00 pick up coil. Towing, fuel filter, fuel pump, tune up and other non-fixes cost upwards of $500.00.[addsig]

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    I have a 97 Wrangler SE with only 35,000 miles. My check engine light came on and i sputtered at speed. Not all the time, only sometimes. My light come on for a while and go off. I replaced my O-2 sensor (the front one) and whammo, problem solved. Apparently O-2 sensor failure is very common in all jeeps, regardless of miles or condition. Try changing the front sensor (about 75 bucks) and if that doesn't work, replace the back (about 85 bucks). Replacing the first one was all i needed. Best of luck.[addsig]

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    I had similar symptoms. Had to replace my TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). $55 at Autozone parts store. Easy 2 (loc-tited) screws with torx heads job. Fixed it though. Also a "Jeep Thing".


    97 TJ 4.0, 5 spd[addsig]

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    Hi all, I hear you, and having various vehicles and troubles with same. Man, that's a tough one. It sure sounds like fuel filter, but electronics tend to have trouble with heat. However, anything electronic can be tested. Well, anything can be tested, just something to consider before "repair by replacing " happens. On the fuel...Do you know if your gas tank is low on fuel when these anomalies occur? I really hate those inside the gas tank filters. Can't check to rule them in or out without dropping tank. I've had to do that very thing before, and I think it was really worse thinking about it than the actual work. Well, good luck and let us know what you find. Those intermittent problems are the worst!! Tom C.

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    Oh, one more thing... I have heard of bad grounds causing things like this. Where the engine bonds to the chassis, sometimes the connection is compromised because proper surface prep was not done, I.e., they attached onto a painted surface. Very easy fix...sand down to bare mettle finish. Clean off any corrosion on connector, then reattach. Good luck as always!!Tom C.

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    Great input. You realize this is a really old thread. Yes?
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