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    getting new clutch soon.this sucks but if your gonna play your gonna pay.[addsig]

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    Breaking parts is the sure way to know you are useing the Jeep as it was intended. Sad but true! tug[addsig]

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    Every time something 'breaks'

    I just know it's my Rig saying:

    "Time to Upgrade"!!! 8-) ;-)

    SHE always knows,
    there is something even harder
    (much more fun!)

    to cross tommorow.

    Right out of the 'BOX'
    CAPABLE, breakable, upgradable.

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    runnig borg warner clucth right now,still under waranty so i get new a new one for free. hope i dont regret it.p.s going to paragon this coming weekend for NEUROC. cant wait![addsig]

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    WHOOOO HOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!! Another Paragonite

    Rob :-P 8-) [addsig]

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    if i had land... every inch would be dedicated to jeeps... then hunting in the winter season... and usmpk9 is right about that... when something breaks, its not a time to get upset, its a time to get creative, and be grateful that something is there to help you decide what to upgrade next[addsig]
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