Iím trying to swap out the Valve body my automatic Transmission. Short story my Jeep went into Limp mode. I had about 7 codes incorrect reverse gear ratio, incorrect 1st gear ratio, incorrect 4th gear ratio, solenoid stuck, clutch converter locked, bank 1 sensors 1.

I cross referenced the codes and narrowed it down to dirty transmission fluid/ clogged filter or the TCM is bad or I need a new transmission🤬

I figured Iíd drop the pan, change the fluid, filter & solenoid pack. I couldnít get the valve body to drop down and ended up damaging it. I figured Iíd just replace the whole thing.

I got the whole Valve body off of the shift rod. The shift rod that extends through the transmission. The bracket on top that the shift cable connects too is off. I even took the rubber washer around the top of the rod off. I was thinking that was stuck or swollen. Is there a reason the rod still wonít drop down? It sounds/feels like the rod hits something about 1Ē-2Ē down. I know new rod is narrow at the bottom and tapered towards the top. Is there something in the transmission preventing it from coming out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I donít want to damage anything inside the tranny. I was just trying to eliminate the simple possibilities before taking it into a shop and spending a fortune.

Side note the fluid was a little burnt smelling but there was no chunks of metal in the pan or on the magnet (besides a little very fine metallic dust)
Iíll post some pictures later.

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