1. Carb'd 4.2L: Grease Paper Intake Gasket ?

    Maybe there's another gasket thats better than the blue Fel-pro paper gasket for the 4.2L, I don't know. The one that came off was metal reinforced, but I can't find another one any where on the internet. You're welcome to add part number suggestions. Anyway, I've got the blue/paper Fel-Pro intake gasket. I've seen guys apply grease to carb spacer gaskets and now I'm wondering if I should do the same? It seems to make since when I consider its going to get wet from the gasoline. When I think about gravity, it seems the bottom portion of the port will probably get wetter than the top portion. I guess grease would kind of water proof (or gasoline proof in this case) the gasket and keep a uniform seal.
    So, any comments, or Suggestions ?

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    Re: Carb'd 4.2L: Grease Paper Intake Gasket ?

    I've used grease on gaskets but more as an adhesive to hold the gasket in place than anything else. I wouldn't think the gasket would get enough gas on it to be an issue.

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    Re: Carb'd 4.2L: Grease Paper Intake Gasket ?

    EDIT: Did you put it on the intake to head gasket ?
    I've never done it personally. I was just reading a few threads when I came across guys that put grease on the carb base spacer gasket. The one I'm referring to on mine is the intake to head gasket. The gasket that came off was the metal type, but my replacement is paper. I can't find the metal one anywhere. Its such a pain in the arse to remove, I just want to make sure its going to last.

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    Re: Carb'd 4.2L: Grease Paper Intake Gasket ?

    While I've put them on before I don't think I ever have on a jeep. Was the old gasket all metal or just a metal 'ring' around the ports?

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    Re: Carb'd 4.2L: Grease Paper Intake Gasket ?

    The gasket I took off was the compressible/crushable metal type, much like the exhaust manifold gaskets you'll see typically. Although it was burnt black with brown rust and hints of high temp red silicone around it. Thats all I could make out. I bent it before throwing it in the trash just to make sure it was indeed metal. I feel its a discontinued part, since it looked to be at least 10-15 years old.

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