1. Looking into upgrading gears. Average costs?

    I have a 2012 JKU with a 2 1/2 lift, running 35x12.5x20 inch tires, with AUTO tranny. Currently believe I知 running on the stock 3.73 gears. Would like to install either 4.56 or 4.88 as most driving is Hwy. Looking to see if anyone has a best cost on the gears, and what痴 typical for install. Would like to do it myself, but I知 very limited these days due to several disabling injuries. Any thoughts or direction on cheapest options would be great! Thanks guys.

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    Re: Looking into upgrading gears. Average costs?

    When you have the work done, do bearings and seals at the same time....you will be glad you did.

    I'd get it done by a pro.... it is not hard to do, but if you have not done it, it is best to go to a pro.

    You are probably looking at $350 to $650 per axel plus parts depending on your location.

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    Re: Looking into upgrading gears. Average costs?

    Best estimate tool
    NAPA AutoCare Car & Truck Repair Estimator, Service & Maintenance | NAPA Auto Parts

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