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    Clutch Issue or Worse?

    Purchased my first Jeep this last summer and I love it! I have noticed a few things that has me concerned and hope itís not something too major. Iím ok with replacing the clutch but want to make sure and get some feedback before taking it to a mechanic. I have an Ď05 Wrangler SE 6 speed manual 100K miles. Most of the time it drive pretty smooth.
    1. When at a stop, if I depress the clutch and put it in 1st or R it feels like I am catching a tooth of the gear. Not a smooth entry. Sometimes you think you are in gear but it didnít fully engage.
    2. When approaching a stop sign I depress clutch and take it out of gear. While coasting at 20mph I depress clutch and try to put it in 1st gear and it is very hard. Like it does not want to go. Iím not trying to engage 1st gear. Just want to be prepared and have it in 1st at the sign.
    Iím hoping I donít have a gear issue. Iím thinking the two issues are related? My question is what do you think is causing the issue in #1 and does the Jeep have a ďblockĒ that would prevent entry into 1st until under a certain speed? Also does this sound like something that should be addressed immediately or can I hold off till 2021? This is also my first stick shift so I feel like Iím in new territory.
    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Clutch Issue or Worse?

    I have the 05 unlimited with the 6 speed
    Let me start with saying that a properly synchronized transmission can be shifted through the gears without the clutch under three or more conditions. First the speed of the drive train and engine are in the proper range. In this condition there are no immediate forces on the gears either acceleration or deceleration. So you have to be at the correct speed and momentum to go from 2nd to 3rd... Etc. Second no accelerating or decelerating forces. So this is not likely to work uphill or down hill or when braking.
    Second 1st gear is a very low gear so you unlikely drive 20 mph in 1st because the engine is likely at 3500-4500 rpm with stock tire sizes.

    So with that 20 mph is likely too fast for the gearing to be synchronized to go into 1st. The same for reverse. You need to be stopped to go into reverse.

    If every gear is difficult, it may be the syncros got bent. These are delicate and bend from forcing into gear or keeping your hand on the shifter between shifting. It doesn't take long to bend them.

    How big of tires are you running?

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    Re: Clutch Issue or Worse?

    I drive a 2010 Jeep Wrangler jk and at rest putting it in first or reverse does do the ďcatchingĒ like you gotta pop it into place that only happens the first time after I push my clutch in though.

    Try pushing your clutch in then putting it into first then with the clutch still in put it in neutral then back into first gear this time it should feel smooth but it will always do kind of a catch on the first time you push your clutch in snd put into first.

    With the putting in first gear at 20 it is too high rate of speed you should never put the car in neutral or just push the clutch in and use all breaks. Instead practice proper down shifting and know your cars RPMs to know when you should downshift from 2nd to first. It is having trouble getting into first cause it isnít suppose to be in first at that speed. Hope this can help a little Iím no professional but these are things I figured out when I got my Jeep 4 years ago

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    Re: Clutch Issue or Worse?

    FYI downshifting to engine brake puts stress on the engine and the clutch.

    Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up - Jesse Jackson
    "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up" - Jesse Jackson

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    Re: Clutch Issue or Worse?

    I don't think I'd try putting it into 1st gear going much faster than 5mph. I've driven a lot of old vehicles that had little shifting issues but once you learned them and how to bypass the issue they shifted well. Sometimes it's helpful to be just barely rolling before you put it in first or reverse. [in the right direction of course] I've had several that you pretty much had to put it in neutral before depressing the clutch again to get the desired gear.

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