1. Curious if anyone knows who made or assembled the rear brake calipers especially pins

    Hey all fellow jeepers I am curious if any one knows who assembled or made the rear caliper brake assembly? I just did the rear brakes as they were completely shot at 35,000 km on my 2014 wrangler Sarah unlimited and the rear caliper pins where seized. Not an ounce of grease on the pins as I've never ever seen this before. I've worked on some old a$$ cars beaters and terrible shape vehicles and still have never seen this on a first time brake job change. This jeep has been winter stored in heated garage again 35,000 km fronts where a breeze to replace rotors and brakes yet the rears the caliper pins were all seized and not one ounce or lick of grease on pins? I've never seen this before. So I'm curious on if anyone knows who manufactured these on the the 2014 jeep wranglers. I'm positive the dealership won't do a single thing about it especially since I am doing my own brakes as I have for 30 plus years and work at fca lol. Ty all for any help in this matter.
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    Re: Curious if anyone knows who made or assembled the rear brake calipers especially

    There are many aftermarket Glide pins, calipers and brake components
    Check here
    2014 JEEP WRANGLER 3.6L V6 Caliper Guide Pin | RockAuto

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