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    4.3 V6 swap in CJ7

    Thinking hard about replacing my tired Iron Duke with a carbureted 4.3. I'm pretty sure it will bolt up to my T5 without issue for the time being, I will eventually be putting in a SM 420 or 435 because I know the T5 will get worked over eventually.

    Engine mounts, radiator/cooling, exhaust.....what other issues might I be overlooking? Anyone here ever do this swap? I dont need tons of mud slinging, rock crushing, quarter mile blistering horse power.... I just want a reliable trail rig that is easy to work on, abundant with parts, that's not gonna get hot enough to roast a pig over....

    open to suggestions

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    Hello i am new on this post, By mistake I came on this article. Its not my work relted and i want to left this Gustavo Woltmann

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    4.3 V6 swap in CJ7

    Here is a good reference
    The Novak Guide to the Chevrolet Small Block V6 Engine

    And this sounds fun

    “The Turbocharged LB4 / ZR9 V6 “

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