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    Some help please!

    1.On my 2010 Jeep Wrangler JK whenever Iím going down a bumpy road or off road every little bump I do it makes a ton of squeaks non stop. It never does it on big potholes though just little holes or uneven ground. I thought it could be old rear shocks as they had been on there for the majority of the Jeepís life so I put new ones on and it still didnít solve the problem. Any idea what that could be?
    2. The second thing Iíve got going on is whenever Iím driving at a constant speed of around 40 or 50mph just like down the highway I get a high pitched squeaking noise kind of like how breaks sound when they get really old but it goes for like 3 second stops then after like another 3 seconds I get another and this one doesnít happen all the time I can go some drives without a noise and some drives where I hear it the whole time

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    Some help please!

    1.) The squeaks could be dust getting in the brakes and spring perches. The vehicle flexes more off road then when hitting a pothole. Do a dry steer test and look for worn balljoints, tye rod ends, track bar and control arm bushings. Also check u joints. Any play in them replace. Could also be sway bar bushings and end links when flexing. If they are dry or dusty they may squeak.

    2.) the squeeling could be a wheel bearing or u joint. Again check for play.

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    Have you checked the CV joints?

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    Breaks, wheel bearings and front hubs would be my initial suspects. I've had some sketchy behavior out of u-joints before, but not sure I've encountered the kind of squeaking or describing. Nevertheless definitely give them a look too. If you told me your AC was not blowing cold I would also tell you to check on your u-joints. And by you u-joints, I mean those on your front and rear drive shafts along with those on your front axle shafts.

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