1. Cheapish paint options

    Just throwing around some ideas around as far as a paint job that won't break the bank as I know there will be scratches down the sides eventually but I still want it to look decent. I bought my YJ with a horrible rattle can job done to it so the options I have been looking into are the following, please let me know your opinions.
    1. New rattle can job done in a booth or garage
    2. Raptor line the whole thing (just worrying about fading)
    3. Macco paint job
    4. LineX the whole thing

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    Re: Cheapish paint options

    I've painted a few vehicles for my sons and grandson with equipment enamel [and hardener]. It will fade some if left out in the weather although my grandson's Honda still looks great 1 yr later. His car is parked under carport when not being driven.

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    Re: Cheapish paint options

    Thanks for the feedback! I have a cover over it now because as weird as it sounds I found that if I spray tireshine on the whole outside the paint comes back nice and doesn't look as faded haha

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    Re: Cheapish paint options

    As you know that will temporarily bring back the shine. If/when you get ready to paint you'll need to scrub it off before sanding.

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    Re: Cheapish paint options

    I've painted a few cars, and the supplies aren't really that expensive. I even shot my old CJ in the open driveway and it turned out ok. Painting is 80% prep and 20% spraying. Just get a $30 spray gun from Harbor Freight, some real automotive paint, and alot of sand paper.

    For my taste, I would stick with some sore of paint over a textured Line-X style finish.
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