1. Question 92 YJ Service Manual

    Hello. I recently purchased a subscription to the online Haynes service manual, but I have found it to be generally lacking in good technical diagrams and schematics. Does anyone know where I can download a digital version of the factory service manuals or something a bit more technical than the Haynes/Chilton manuals? I do not mind paying, but the hard copy versions I have seen online are very expensive.

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    92 YJ Service Manual

    If you can get your money back get it . Haynes is full of errors and wrong procedures. Sry to say.

    Buy a factory service manual. You will not regret it.
    There were free pdfs but now you need to buy. Ill link below. Check PM

    Jeep Service Manuals – CBJeep

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    Re: 92 YJ Service Manual

    Thanks a lot for the link. I cant get my $29 back, but it was a cheap price to pay for the quick fix that I was able to make at the time.

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