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    New to the Group and Looking for advice!

    Hello all!

    I'm almost ashamed to admit that at 43 years old I just picked up my first Jeep. My neighbor decided to part with his 1985 CJ7 and I decided to pick it up.

    He has had the jeep for 10 years or so and in the 4 years that we have been neighbors I've seen it out of his garage maybe 3 times. It isn't a beauty queen but appears to be pretty clean. I don't think he has done much of anything to it the entire time he has had it aside from beef up the drive shaft and replace some u joints.

    I have an 8 year old son and I'd like to gradually spend time upgrading and modifying this to turn it into something really nice. I don't intend on any hardcore off-road driving and this won't be a daily driver anytime soon. For the foreseeable future this will be something I would drive occasionally and use when I'm hunting and doing other outdoor stuff. Though that will involve some off-road driving from time to time, I don't have plans to get into trail riding anytime soon.

    That being said, what I'm looking to do with this jeep for the foreseeable future is the following:

    1. Make sure that it is mechanically sound and a safe driver
    2. Look into mods and upgrades to enhance performance and appearance. Jeep comes with only bikini top and no doors so I would be really interested in suggestions for tops and doors. This will likely not be in an enclosed garage but only covered.

    As I'm new to the Jeep scene and am admittedly a novice in the Jeep world, I'm looking for any and all recommendations on how to approach this project, what mods/upgrades should be at the top of the list, and I'm sure help along the way when needed.

    My family is pretty mechanically inclined and I expect that most work to be done will be done without sending it out.

    I realize this is a generic post and you've all probably seen the same time after time, but I am really looking forward to and would greatly appreciate all of your thoughts and ideas.
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    Re: New to the Group and Looking for advice!

    Nice Jeep
    Great project vehicle.
    Agree with approach
    1.) stop
    2.) steer
    3.) start
    Just Empty Every Pocket into the JEEP

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    Re: New to the Group and Looking for advice!

    Nice Jeep. I have a 1979 cj7 myself, along with a jk and a 392. Looks like a fiberglass tub and some sort of v8 under the hood by that exhaust pipe. Like JPNinPA said make sure runs, steers and stops well first and foremost. Then the rest depends on what youre going to do with it.

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    Re: New to the Group and Looking for advice!

    I was also 43 when I bought my first jeep 1990 XJ. My current jeep is a 2010 JK. I never owned a 4x4 until I bought mountain property that requires 4x4 to get in/out when there is snow on the ground. I bought my first jeep because my wife had trouble getting in and driving my full size bronco. It is my opinion that jeep builds the most capable stock 4x4. While I also have an old ford 4x4 truck I doubt I'll ever be without a jeep.

    Nice looking Jeep!! I agree stopping and handling should be taken care of first, everything else can be done as needed and time/money permit.

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