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    Metal fender paint

    Hey guys i have smittybilt XRC fender flares that are about 2-3 years old and are getting bad rust as the paint is chipping off(very poor paint job quality) I attached some pictures. Does anyone else have these and experienced this. Is there a paint anyone knows of that can match with the flakes or is that a professional process? I contacted smittybilt and they said they wonít send me paint to fix it. Then on a side note does anyone know how to get the yellow haze off a light bar?
    Metal fender paint-img_7849.jpgMetal fender paint-img_7847.jpgMetal fender paint-img_7848.jpgMetal fender paint-img_7851.jpg

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    Re: Metal fender paint

    those look like the fenders my son's tj came with. i just put some rust converter on the few little spots his had and than painted back to black with some black we had in the garage. its not gloss, but also not flat black and it looked fine.

    they sell little its at walmart and the auto part store that fixes crazing and yellowing of plastic head lights, same for that, though
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    Re: Metal fender paint

    I have similar metal fenders that the previous owner installed but they are in mint condition... it's metal, take them off and prep the surface then paint with a good rattle can paint - problem solved ... but not a simple easy quick fix I know.
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    Re: Metal fender paint

    Most paint won't give the textured look they came from the factory with but I'd just sand them all down, prime/paint and not worry about replicating the texture.

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