Thread: ABS fail?

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    ABS fail?

    Any ideas please:
    08 JK, stock 3.8, X model, 2dr Wrang
    Front drivers brake locks immediately when pressed (and I mean right now). Its got new calipers, hoses, pads n all. No change in symptoms. Research suggests ABS component perhaps? I need a smoking gun if youve seen this please n thanks.

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    Re: ABS fail?

    The speed sensor [ABS] went out on the rear of my 2010 JK. The main symptom was a rear tire almost locking up when accelerating around a turn. The better code readers can pinpoint which wheel.

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    Re: ABS fail?

    Makes sense. Thank you for the idea.

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    ABS fail?

    How does your rotor look? Thats new? I had one with a quarter sized rust ball in the face of the rotor. Daily it would lock up for the first and second stop. I ended up changing it.

    Also, how does the hard lines look? Any kinks?

    Have you bleed each wheel?

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    Re: ABS fail?

    Did it start doing this right after some brake work, or did it appear on it's own?
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    Re: ABS fail?

    Hard lines look fine (checking again tonight). Rotors are all but new. This happened ~3 months after brake work was done. I think the wheel speed sensor is next to switch out.

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