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    JK Storage options ... cargo area.

    So I searched and found a few broken links from a year ago and more... I've looked on Amazon and seen a bunch of stuff, just wondering what is 'worth it'.

    I got the under-the-seat lockable thing but the locking system seems pretty cheap. JK Storage options ... cargo area. ... gonna try beefing it up.

    I want something rugged for the cargo area, security isn't really an issue just want to be able to store on top and under if I use a shelf system.

    Those side mounted ones are nice but pricey and not practical when the top is off.

    I like the mounted boxes on the rear door, but installing a thick one robs space from the cargo area.

    If we get really enthusiastic and do some serious camping... I'll have a hitch tray or even a small trailer so not worried about that.

    Thanks in advance! JK Storage options ... cargo area.-screenshot_20211201-134932_amazon-20shopping.jpegJK Storage options ... cargo area.-screenshot_20211201-134920_amazon-20shopping.jpeg

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    JK Storage options ... cargo area.

    I wouldnt hang anything on the door. The door will sag, metal will crack and hinges will break. Many people who go to 35s or larger do not use the stock tire mount because of this issue.

    I would integrate a fold down tray into the tailgate. And a cargo cover for security. But not integrate everything.

    Having camped a lot with Boy Scouts a pull along trailer is nice. A chuck box or patrol box is nice too. But when just camping or backpacking nothing but the packs and maybe some clothes and snack food to come back to.

    The way I think of this is, if everything is integrated into the jeep, once you set up camp you cant go wheeling. In an emergency you cant leave it behind. Where do you put the water or firewood when you go for a water run?
    Spill food on or in the jeep hello Yogie and Boo-boo or raccoon city. They dont know the cost of replacing soft tops and tires etc. they hungry.
    Also, where is your reprieve if the tent and sleeping bag get wet? Local tree or everything gets wet.

    If you do go wheeling with everything the extra weight makes it harder to wheel. More top heavy so easier to flip. Get stuck and unload it all. Sink and camp there. Lower gas milage.

    I didnt post to spoil your enthusiasm. Just sharing my experiences.
    Just my 2c.

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    Re: JK Storage options ... cargo area.

    No worries!
    Appreciate the comments... thorough.

    Still a Jeep newbie so all info is welcomed.

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