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    High pitched noise while driving

    Lately Ive had a very high pitched sort of interference noise whenever Im driving but the noise goes away during idle. I first checked my radio ground my battery ground and even removed my radio but that didnt work. Does anyone else know what it could be? While its making the noise it gets louder the faster I go and changes pitches a ton.

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    High pitched noise while driving

    Do you mean radio interference or more mechanical.

    Radio: Check battery connection and opposite end of the ground wires. The contact points should be polished. Wire resistance less than 1 ohm. Corroding wires and contact points is a jeep thing. Get your alternator checked. AZ and OReillys does it for free.
    Spark plugs or coil pack grounded

    Check wheel bearings, u joints and axel joints. Brake wear.
    Do you have a Throttle Body spacer? They whistle higher rpm.

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    Re: High pitched noise while driving

    Yeah Im pretty sure its mechanical the noise just sounds like how radio interference does. Like that paranormal high pitched scary noise they always use. Good idea for the free check Ill do that tomorrow for sure. I dont believe I have any spacers and breaks are brand new replaced 2 months ago Ill check those though

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