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    Does anyone know if you can "OVERPOWER" a steering box? I have a 80 CJ5 original power steering box hooked up to a chevy 350 power steering pump(and motor). I seem to have a whole lot of wander in my driving (over 45mph), most of it seems to be coming from the "play in the steering wheel. When sitting still and running, when you turn the wheel you can see the shackles move along with the leaf springs, mostly in the shackles, the are good solid one piece shackles too. It's not too dramatic, is that normal? Are the steering rod U joints difficult or expensive to replace? does the shackle reverse kit correct most of this? Thanks for your reply. :-? :-? :-? [addsig]

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    If you used the pump and pulleys from the 350 the way it came you should be ok. The pump should be going at the right speed. Jeep used a gm steering box. Its when you adapt the jeep pump to an engine where you could run into trouble. The spring reversal helps make steering feel better buy helping with bump steer but it wont take the play out. The shackle will rock a little and poly bushings do help. I also like welding those hangers that hold the shackles to the frame.[addsig]
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    I currently own a barn find 1978 cj7 completly original 24000 miles. I to have wandering. So I replaced the springs oem and bushings with the 2 piece type ( not happy withe the 2 piece type) kyb gas shicks tie rod end and tie rod and new street tires. There is no worn wheel bearings ,ball joint and steering box or coupler. It has been suggersted to add a trac rod (panhard rod ) or reverse shackels
    Anyone have and proven thought

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    steering wander

    This thread is from 2003.

    Depending on tire size and frame welds this can occur. Wandering can be alignment. Toe and caster. Basically the closet to the scrub being directly under the center of the tire the easier it is to wander. Caster should be between 5* and 8* the closer to 8 the better return to zero you have.

    Check your year and make to get correct part number.
    Steering shaft

    Steering box brace


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