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    has anyone installed a crane cams power max camshaft?, im going to shange my lifter couse they are all tappy, and I mite as well add some performance, but will I get it from this camshaft???[addsig]
    My jeep is an 88, 6cyl, 5speed, YJ, 4.11 gears, 31\"tires, 3\" body lift and 1 1/4\" shackels, MSD 6AL Blaster Coil, K&N Filters, Flowtech Afterburner Muffler and just need more money for more stuff!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    A new cam in combination with other mods like headers and enhanced breathing will increase power...just don't install a "race" cam with big duration numbers. Long duration cams REDUCE cylinder fill efficiency at low engine speeds which kills the torque right where you need it.

    Sorry, i can't offer an opinion about the Crane cam in particular...they don't make cams to fit my 2.5. I have a Clifford cam...but I have used many Crane cams in my small block chevies over the years...good units if they are installed and broken in properly. Of course that goes for any kind of cam...

    NO-NO's for cams..

    1. never reuse lifters.
    2. never install a cam and lifters without the proper startup lube.
    3. never let a new cam idle lower than 2,500 rpm's for the first 15 minutes (roller cams are the only exception).
    4. never install a cam unless you KNOW your valve springs are appropriate.
    5. never install a cam unless you also install new timing chain and gears.

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    What motor are you installing it on?

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