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    I just took a ride in my '92 YJ. Two days of knuckle-busting paid off! I removed the ugly 2" shackle lift (yes, they were THAT long), which made driving in a straight line a complete impossibility, and put in a BDS 3.5" lift. Suh-weeeeet! It looks good, rides well, and my 32" BFG's have plenty of room to breathe. I'm taking it to a trail tomorrow and CAN'T WAIT!!! FYI-I used the stock shacles but used greaseable bolts and my steering is back to normal. No driveline vibration at all (x-fer case drop was included). I was surprised it was as simple as it was except for breaking loose some of them rusty old frozen bolts!

    Anyhow, just wanted to say thanks for all the input from an earlier post asking advice about the different kits.

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    that's what this place is all about
    93 YJ 4.0
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  3. Keep us posted on how that BDS is working for you. I haven't run into anybody other thanmyself around here running thier lift, and am curious as to the effects on a YJ.
    I love it on my TJ.

    Rob :P :)

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    I will do that, and I'll add some pix asap

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    BDS? The glossary link is down too.
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    And a bunch of home made stuff!

    Stock 2005 Loaded WK, for now!

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    '04 Rubi some stuff done to it
    '88 XJ, 5.5" lift 32" tires, it needs a motor

  7. Began looking for a shackle lift then realized all the problems that came with those. NOW I'm looking for a dependable "lift kit". I've got a '91 YJ and would be happy with some 31" M/T's for Florida-type off roading. (maybe a 2.5" - 3" lift???) Any suggestions for brands? Again- all input is greatly appreciated! Thanks. Jered

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    jered - I did a whole lot of research on this and came to a few conclusions. First is spending a little more money can go a long way. Second staying at 3.5" and under saves alot of extra money because over that height you make modifying the driveshaft much more likely. Third is ASK, ASK, Read,& Read! Nothing any manufacture writes about their own product can be as reliable as what comes from fellow 4X4 and Jeep owners. I narrowed my choices down to Rubicon express and BDS. Rubicon's "Extreme Duty" line is top notch, but was just a bit out of my price range. Rubicon Express' Standard duty was in my price range, but they use imported leaf springs and didn't claim the ride quality or durability that they did with the "extreme". Everything I read about BDS (Big Dick's Suspensions) was excellent. LIFETIME WARRANTY ('nuff said). If you can find one negative comment on the 'net about BDS you've done something I could not, so I opted for their 3.5 inch kit. Just put it on this weekend and it is really nice! I bought mine from ok4wd.com, but I think there's a guy arounf this site who sells them also ECOR I think? There are MANY other good lifts out there, but I think Rubicon and BDS are the best bang for the buck. If you don't mind spending the money and a 2.5" kit is big enough for you, Old Man Emu is by far the best riding lift out there. I have a buddy with one on his YJ and it really rides excellent, flexes well and he has plenty of clearance for 31" tires. Sorry for such a long reply Best of luck!!!

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    Will the BDS 3.5 inch lift fit 33s???

    There is no way I am going with less than 33s, so I was going to go with the RE standard 4 inch lift on my YJ... But, if I can get a complete 3.5 inch lift and still fit the 33s, I will... =)

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    Busted off a Tooth or two from my Flywheel!

    yes it will

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    Well gald to hear all is good and the ole Jeep is looking good ....Good luck with it let us know how you like it after a litte test driving in the back country....:)
    NEED A TRANNY FOR A 1988 YJ 4.2.....HELP

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    I put a standard re 4" on my yj about 2-3mths ago and i have no complaints what so ever,I have gotten the springs just about good and broken in....the ride is great on and offroad! If you need to know anymore just let me know, I would be Happy to help!

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    Did the RE come with everything or did you need to hunt down parts to fill holes??? Did everything seem to fit well without you having to make compromises??? Also, do you need to switch to a SYE or are you running with the stock driveshaft???

    Sorry for all the questions, but I plan on buying one of these 2 lifts within the next 10 days... Wanna make sure I get the best one...

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    I have a skyjacker 4" lift, rides better than factory. Only gripe was the stupid rear trac bar extension bracket was not angled to make up for the axle shims. I got a new one from southwest 4X4.

    yes I still run a rea trac bar. I do a lot of on road driving and was a bit sloppy around courners with out it! I use a quick disconect method on it for convenience.
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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