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    Hi, I was replacing my distibutor cap when one of the two screws holding it on just snapped. It snapped to effortlessly that I thought that I had just loosened it or something. Well I took the other one out with a lot of TLC and when I took it off I realized that I had actually snapped the first screw off. I tried drilling a hole through the shaft of the snapped screw (that's stuck in the distributor in its little hole). The drill kept dancing on it and hitting the plastic. I've noticed that drills have no problem going through the heads, but they cant go through the shaft of the screw. I dont know how to get this thing out. I was wondering if there was some way to take this screw out or to replace the distributor? I'm new to this and I dont know how the distributor is held in there. How much does a used one cost? Can I just get a new plastic part for it (the part that the screws go in and that the cap sits on)? Needless to say... Sandy still runs with one screw holding the cap on... I just want to take care of this asap and get the new stuff on so I can stop paying $30 for gas every 5 days! Thanks a lot guys! I'll be posting a heck of a lot more now that Sandy's punishing me for speeding her and getting suspended. -Mike

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    try useing a punch to make a small divit on the srew shaft before drilling it..

    my junk waiting for Hi-Steer + rear driveshaft

  3. Youngster, go out find you a nice girl (not too nice) get shut of a little excess energy, before wrenching on your Jeep. Thats your second broken bolt this week. Next time, put your screw driver or torx driver on the top of the screw and give it a sharp tap with a small hammer. If that doesn´t work try wiggling it a little in and out. WD 40 or blaster or something.
    Feel under your distributor, under where the screw goes through, chances are part of the screw is poking through the bottm of the threaded hole, maybe you can get a set of vise locks on the bottom end and screw it down all the way through the screw hole. Drilling that small threaded screw through the aluminum distributor will probably be a lost cause. When you gripe the screw from the bottom turn it left and right a few times, to loosen thing s up a bit a little tap on the protruding end probably won´t hurt either.
    If you decide you have to take the distributor out, IM me and I´ll talk you through it. I´m not laughing at you I´m laughing with you, I´m kind of a muscle head also and have learned the hard way, about broken screws and bolts.

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