1. I recently acquired a 1993 YJ from an idiot for $1000.00. I sold the hard top and doors for $1200.00, bought a 1989 Chevy 350V8 TBI/700R4/NP241. Ok here it goes. The jeep has been sprung over. I had the drive shafts and everything made, but when I go in reverse it makes a knocking noise. A friend of mine who owns a jeep shop thinks I need a slip-yoke eliminator kit to make my drive shafts have not such an angle to them. Please e-mail me with any suggestions or comments KEVZTOYZ@COX-INTERNET.COM. I am just wondering if he is just trying to get money out of me, he told me $450 installed. I'll be honest, I don't know a whole lot about Jeeps, but we are totally restoring this on. I am just running into a lot of extra expenses that I didn't even know about. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!


    >>I recently acquired a 1993 YJ from an idiot for $1000.00.
    >>I am just running into a lot of extra expenses that I didn't even know about.


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    I agree with ghost rider, If that idiot new what he was doing he could have got another $2500 for the jeep. An SYE usually goes for around $250 itself, so I would go for it.
    You better get used to spending money on this thing... I spent $1200 just last month... just in parts!
    91 YJ 4.0 5spd
    SOA + 1.5" reverse eye RE springs
    D44 LS Rear & ZJ Disks
    4.56 gears
    36"x14.5" Parnelli Jones'
    Jks discos
    Warn XD9000i
    Banks SS exhaust
    High Steer!
    And a bunch of home made stuff!

    Stock 2005 Loaded WK, for now!

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    The rear axle rotates the opposite direction when in reverse and forces the pinion the opposite direction, which in your case is likely pulling the slip yoke further out of the rear of the transfer case, causing the knock.

    With that much lift and HP, get the slip yoke eliminator and a heavy CV driveshaft. You'll likely need a heavier rear axle if you ever wheel that thing. I had a 350 in my '88 YJ with the stock rear axle and no problems, but you never know.

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    joopin, I agree about the spending money cause I don't mind that but just around here there is not a lot of jeep shops so the one that is here is pretty proud of his work. I did not know anything about conversions and all of that, so I took the body of the jeep to him and the truck and he swap the engines for me, got everything running in my jeep and all the necessary parts which include, advanced adapters motor mount, radiator, heavy duty battery, put exhaust on, drive shafts, etc. etc. I mean it is up and running condition, for $1650. I don't know that may be cheap for everything he did, but that is the key I just don't know what it should run.

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