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    Hello all, hows it goin?

    I have a 91 YJ and wanted to put 33" tires on it and was comteplating on what type of lift I should put on.

    I could either get a 3" body lift and 2.5" shackle lift which would cost $500 including installation or a 4" suspension lift for $1450. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or what would be even better, if they had pictures of the two installs so I could see the difference. That would be awesome.


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    there is no question that the suspension would be much much much much better

    a 3" body lift is too much body lift... a 2.5" shackle lift is too much shackle lift.. no question to it
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    Welcome to JEEPZ!
    If you put 2.5" of shackle lift on your Jeep, you will not be able to drive in a straight line. Trust me, been there (and that was only a 2")!

    The 3 inch body lift has it's own issues - i.e: radiator, shifter.

    If you want to lift on a budget, try add-a-leaf's, but I would keep the body lift to a 1 inch and same for the shackles.

    By the time you put the time and $$$ into these, you could buy an inexpensive suspension like Rough Country or try BDS for a little more. There are guys on this site who sell them and will give you a great deal.

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    And, you shouldn't have to pay 1450 for the lift plus installation. Join a local 4x4 club and after getting to know everyone, ask them to help you install it. You will save a ton, learn more about your jeep, and have the satisfaction of saying that you installed it (with help, but better than some shop doing it).

    It's quite easy to do with 2 friends and a haynes manual.... the lift kit will probably come with all the instructions anyway. DO NOT DO THE BODY LIFT/SHACKLE LIFT. You will kick yourself in the butt 1 month after riding in it.

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