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    Just wondering if anyone knows if ARB air lockers have to be ordered with the pump or can I order the lockers seperate and use a different pump like a converted air conditioning unit? Does the whole thing come in a set? I want to order the air lockers for my 8.8" Ford rearend which I haven't installed yet and for my stock front end on my YJ. I've also heard of problems with air lockers in that they can force dirt and water into the axles if not sealed properly (guess I just have to make sure everything is sealed water tight). I want the air lockers so I can lock up the front and back seperately or have both locked if I want. Any other problems people have run into when using air lockers? Is there any other companies out there who make an air locker besides ARB?

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    ARB Air Lockers

    Most ARB's are sold as without the air pump.
    The small 1.2CFM units is around 60-90$ extra

    blatant jokessubliminal sarcasmsexual innuendo

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    I wish I could even afford to dream of such great toys. tug

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    I wouldn't waste the money on an ARB for the front. Weld the diff and install a manual disconnect for the pass. side axle shaft. You can disconnect that shaft from the cab for onroad use, and for 3wd for tight trail turns. It's a poor-mans selectable locker. I've used this for 2 years now and it works great. No worries about leaking air lines either. I'm welded in the back too, with no problems, great predicable onroad driving and climbs like a billy goat. It's not for everybody, though, so only you can make that decision.

    I get true 4wd and can wheel with the big dogs that spent big $$ on ARB's, and saved about $1500.

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    Yes, you can connect ARB's to another air source. Just be sure to regulate the air to the ARB's specification. (i think between 85 to 90psi) I have an on-board air system using a old AC compressor and tank. Been using it now since 92' (ARB that is) Air system went in 1984? long time ago!
    Good luck!

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    ARB is the only way to go for a locker that you can turn on and off from the cab. Don't let these jockers tell you to weld your diffs or stuff like that. If your back woods thats great, but if you want the real deal you would use ARB.
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    I would have to agree that selectable front is definetly the way to go.I have driven jeeps with the front end locked up in 4wd and they turn horibly.But with the selectable,you can unlock from the cab and make those sharp turns.Selectable rear is for if you jeep a daily driver that you dont want chirpen around corners.A always locked rear locker just takes time to get used to.But it is tolerable.

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